We are serving an Italian tradition, Chicken Parmesan. This will be available as either a pasta dish or as a sandwich. These dishes are covered with our homemade, slow-simmered marinara.

We start this dish with chicken breast cutlets which are pounded out thin by hand and placed in Italian seasoned bread crumbs. The chicken is generously coated and then fried to a golden brown color. We choose a tender spaghetti to serve the chicken atop and then cover it with marinara and mozzarella. Thesandwich is served on a wheat hoagie roll and topped with marinara and mozzarella and baked. Both dishes are garnished with fresh parsley and a pinch of parmesan. The pasta is served with four breadsticks, and the sandwich is served with a choice a fries or chips.

The Chicken Parmesan is available all month long. Please stop by and try it as a pasta. Then come back for the sandwich! We hope to see you soon…and often!!