Growing up, I liked pizza a lot especially an italian sausage pizza. I was generally a pretty adventurous eater, and liked to try different things. I grew up in a small town, and we didn’t have the best choices in local pizza options. There was one that my family frequented, and they had some of the best sausage I had eaten on pizza. I learned early on that pairing it with fresh garlic was even better.

When I moved downtown to go to college, I found my first pizza by the slice joint. It was there that I added onion and bacon to the mix. I used these four toppings to judge pizza places after that. I could tell the quality of their ingredients from sampling pies this way. My children would make fun of me because that is all I would order when we would get pizza out. They coined the phrase “Big Jason” to describe my slices.

So, this pizza features Italian sausage, red onions, fresh garlic, and Boar’s head bacon. And, it makes me proud every time I get to have one.